Bayer Logo

Bayer is an inventor company with a long tradition of research. We help patients around the world by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases as well as improving diagnosis. Science For A Better Life is the promise we all give to our stakeholders, and Bayer is proud to partner with PCFA to provide a positive contribution to men and their families. Bayer has sponsored the publication and launch of PCFA's Community Attitudes Survey in 2012 and 2013.

Janssen Logo

Janssen is proud to support PCFA through a number of initiatives including sponsorship of the Monograph "Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in prostate cancer health care programs". At Janssen, we provide support to patients, healthcare professionals and the community through a broad range of healthcare solutions with the goal of addressing the most important unmet medical needs of our time. For more information visit

Simson logo

For over 29 years, Simson has been one of Australia's leading designers and distributors of contemporary greeting cards, stationery and paper products. Simson Greeting Cards has been a long-time supporter of PCFA with arrange of cards available through news agencies, Post shops and retail outlets across Australia. Simson has donated over $130,000 to PCFA and has committed to the greater of $25,000 or 8% of the wholesale value of all PCFA branded cards it sells.

Tolmar Australia

Tolmar Australia is a specialist uro-oncology company providing locally informed support to men with advanced prostate cancer, and to healthcare professionals working in the area. The company's dedicated team across Australia and New Zealand has extensive experience in urology and oncology, and is motivated and resourced to work directly with the prostate cancer community to help shape the future of care for men and their families. Alongside dedicated initiatives including an in-home injection service and research grants to support innovation, Tolmar Australia is delighted to partner with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia in support of improved outcomes.