The PCFA Ambassador Program aims to raise community awareness of prostate cancer and to provide resources for individuals to learn more.

About the Ambassador Program

PCFA Ambassadors are trained volunteer speakers who present to workplaces, community groups, and organisations on the importance of prostate cancer awareness, and to provide resources for individuals to learn more. The Ambassador program is able to provide a speaker for your workplace, event, or group, in order to better educate them on the importance of this issue.

The Ambassador program operates in all States and Territories. We currently have over 100 Ambassador speakers available across the country, in metropolitan, regional, and remote areas. Many Ambassadors have first-hand experience of prostate cancer, are the partner or carer of someone who has, or simply have a passion for raising men’s health awareness in their communities. Before becoming an Ambassador, all speakers receive comprehensive training from PCFA.

Ambassadors have presented in a wide range of locations, including outback mine and construction sites, Lions and Rotary Clubs, and corporate workplaces, among many others. Although any time of the year is a great time to host a speaker for your workplace or club, popular times include June, for International Men’s Health Week, and September, in acknowledgement of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Aims of the Ambassador Program

  • To raise awareness in men and their families of prostate cancer
  • To provide information on the importance of talking to your doctor about prostate cancer
  • To encourage men to engage with their general practitioners around health issues
  • To provide a suite of presentations to address the varying information needs of people in the community about prostate cancer
  • To deliver timely and evidence-based information about prostate cancer and related health issues

Presentation Options

There are three presentation topics to select from, each created to meet the varying needs of different audiences. The three presentations available are: Prostate Cancer: Prevention and Early Detection, Prostate Cancer: Treatment Options and Challenges, and Prostate Cancer: What Partners and Carers Need to Know

Prevention and Early Detection - This presentation is designed for the general community, and an audience that may have limited knowledge of prostate cancer. It provides a basic overview of prostate cancer, including information on testing, signs and symptoms, and the importance of health and wellbeing. 

Treatment Options and Challenges - This presentation contains similar information to the Prevention and Early Detection presentation, but includes additional information designed for an audience where a diagnosis of prostate cancer has been made. This presentation may benefit men who have been diagnosed, as well as their partner, family, and friends.

What Partners and Carers Need to Know - This presentation is designed with carers in mind, and is best suited for an audience where people are currently, or have been, carers for someone with prostate cancer. The information focuses on caring for a prostate cancer patient, but the information is also relevant to carers overall.

Booking an Ambassador Speaker

If you have any questions or would like more information on the program, please contact You may also wish to view the How to Secure an Ambassador Speaker information sheet.

To arrange a speaker for your workplace, function, or group meeting, please complete the below request form with the details of your event. The presentations generally last 20 minutes, with Q & A time to follow, although this is flexible, dependant on your requirements.

There is no charge to host an Ambassador, as they are available as a free community resource. However, donations are graciously accepted, as PCFA receives limited government funding to carry out its essential work. 

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and a formal receipt is provided.

To request a speaker, please return the completed request form by:

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Attn: Ambassador Program
PO Box 499
St Leonards NSW 1590 

Fax: 02 9438 7099


Please note that PCFA Ambassadors are not medical professionals. They are not able to give medical advice, and the presentations do not make recommendations regarding treatment options.

You can also become involved in the program by becoming a PCFA Ambassador.

For more information about becoming an Ambassador, please contact